PKS/NRPS Domain Search

Choose a domain and query type, then enter your data to identify candidate KS and/or C domains.
Optional Advanced Settings can be used to customize program parameters.

Domain type

    KS domains
    C domains

Query type

    Predicted protein sequences (amino acid)
    Predicted coding sequences or PCR products (DNA)
    Genome or metagenome contigs (DNA)

Query sequence

Enter or paste sequence(s) in FASTA format, or upload a FASTA file. Please avoid using sequence id numbers containing non-standard characters (e.g. commas, slashes, colons, parentheses, ampersands, etc), as well as ambiguity codes "R" and "Y" for nucleic acid sequence files.

Note: Current size limit for uploaded files is 30 MB. For larger files, please consider our suggestions for file size management before submission.

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Advanced Settings
Sensitivity may be increased by choosing higher e-values and shorter minimum match lengths, but these adjustments may also increase false positives. Conversely, selectivity can be improved with lower e-values and longer minimum match lengths, at the cost of decresed sensitivity.

KS domain detection

HMM e-value cutoff

minimum match length

C domain detection

HMM e-value cutoff

minimum match length

Pathway assignment

BLASTP e-value cutoff

max db hits per domain